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Re: request new bpo packages for grub2 and ntp

On 10-09-10 09:33, Jelle de Jong wrote:
> On 07-09-10 10:59, Jelle de Jong wrote:
>> I would like a new version of grub2 for bpo, the current version does
>> not support ext4, with lvm and mdadm. Could somebody backport the
>> current debian testing package?
>> I would also like to request a bpo release for the ntp package from
>> debian testing, it fixes a few very annoying bugs on my production machines.
> Is there a way I can put a bounty on this? Like sending a few Debian
> wine bottles to the bpo maintainers?
> I would really like to see the above to packages get a bpo version, it
> would solve a lot of irritating issues.

I would like to drop the request for a ntp backports package. I switched
most of my servers to openntp and its way easer to debug and set-up, its
also more secure since i can finally determine the IP-addresses it
listens to. There is one major disadvantage, there is no mainstream
munin plugin for openntpd and i can tell from experience that trend
monitoring the time and time drift can help debugging some very very
nasty issues. So hereby a bounty for openntpd munin plug-ins.

I am still begging for a new grub2 backports package, the current one
can't handle ext4 with lvm and mdadm. If there is a small bounty needed
please contact me. (debian wine, donations to free software projects)

With kind regards,

Jelle de Jong

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