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request new bpo packages for grub2 and ntp

Hello everybody,

I am new to this list, so thank you all for the great backports systems.

I fist want to apologise I misused the Debian BTS for creating a bpo
wishlist bug for the grub2 and ntp package.

When I used a internet search engine I ended up at:

And I did not read any info about bug reports and missed the information
about backports.org being moved to backports.debian.org. Please just
auto direct backports.org to backports.debian.org.

IMO the reportbug should have a feature to make reports and requests for
bpo pacakges, since bpo is now on debian.org.

I would like a new version of grub2 for bpo, the current version does
not support ext4, with lvm and mdadm. Could somebody backport the
current debian testing package?

I would also like to request a bpo release for the ntp package from
debian testing, it fixes a few very annoying bugs on my production machines.

The BTS bug reports I created: (excuse for the misuse)

Is this the preferred way of making the request?

I more information is wanted, please contact me.

Thanks in advance,

With kind regards,

Jelle de Jong

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