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Re: Bug#587743: gnucash: segfault on open


* Didier 'OdyX' Raboud <didier@raboud.com> [100901 13:57]:
> > Is there any way, to make sure that users of the iceweasel backport, who
> > also use gnucash, will then also get the gnucash backport, or at least a
> > hint to install that backport?
> What about a Breaks: or Conflicts in iceweasel backport against Lenny's 
> gnucash ?

Haven't tested it yet, but AFAIK Breaks isn't supported in Lenny, and a
simple Conflicts will result in gnucash to be removed instead of
upgraded.  I'll try to test it next week, when I'm back home.

Best Regards,

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