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Re: How (not) to convert from 3.0 (quilt) to 1.0

Hi Alexander & Ondřej,

> > Removing all patches is also _not_ correct way to convert package for
> > backports. You may reintroduce security flaw, bugs, etc., etc., etc.
> > This is very bad advice and you should not remove patches and random
> > when backporting a package, since you may end up with entirely
> > different package than in testing.
> Of course, if there are patches they should applied to the bpo package too.
> So converting the package back to quilt is neccessary. 

If you extract a 3.0 (quilt) package using dpkg-source, it will also apply the
patches for you. If you then change the format to 1.0 and rebuild the source
package, you'll get all the changes from the debian/patches/ in the diff.gz.

Removing the patches directory will thus only prevent the changes from being
present in the diff twice (though they will not be applied twice AFAICS).



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