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From a newb

Watching the thread regarding nginx, has given me hope and dread.  Being a new backporter I have
been posting questions to the list for a few weeks now.  I am continuing on the way through the
empathy backport after learning on some easier packages.  However, I am quite disappointed with the
attitude toward us newbs.  But instead of hashing out more bad sentiments, I will offer some ideas
to fix it.  First, a separate list for learning questions that can be monitored by others who wish
to help.  Second, maybe the debian philosophy needs to be applied here by a mentor process where I
or others could have direct contact with a backporter.  To first assist them, then they assist us,
and then we move on to an official bpo uploader?  The first would be easier to setup, and would
offer more mentors knowledge to be available (due to irl constraints of a 1-1 mentor system).
Anyhow, please do not spam the list with any debate to this email.  Just a yea or nea would be nice
unless someone can bring more positive ideas to the discussion:)


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