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Re: More information

* Jared Johnson <jj3666@gmail.com> [2010-01-08 03:48:15 CET]:
> I manually logged in to pbuilder environment and installed usbutils
> and received the following error.  Before modifying and depend/build
> files (if i can remember which) I remembered someone saying that the
> .dsc file, if correct should not allow this to happen?  Is why I do
> not need apt preferences with my repo or bpo repo pinned highest
> priority?
> pbuilder-satisfydepends-dummy: Depends: usbutils (>= 0.86-2) but 0.86-2~bpo50+1 is installed.

 You need to set the (Build-)Depends to read "usbutils (>= 0.86-2~)"
instead of "usbutils (>= 0.86-2)" (notice the trailing ~) so that the
backports version is considered as being in that range.

 See also:

rhonda@vikings:~$ dpkg --compare-versions 0.86-2~bpo50+1 \>= 0.86-2 ; echo $?
rhonda@vikings:~$ dpkg --compare-versions 0.86-2~bpo50+1 \>= 0.86-2~; echo $?

 Hope that helps!

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