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Re: Openoffice.org 3.1


* Jeremiah Ford <mugwort13@gmail.com> [2009-09-22 14:25:26 CEST]:
> Has anyone else experienced a circular dependency problem with Ooo 3.1 
> for Lenny?  After I install the package there is a large number of 
> packages I can no longer install.  It seems that the main problem is 
> that so many packages depend on "dictionaries-common."  My "sort-of" fix 
> is to uninstall Ooo 3.1, install dictionaries-common, install the 
> package that I want, then finally reinstall Ooo 3.1.  This process 
> usually get the results I want.  However, sometimes it still uninstalls 
> the packages I want, plus this defeats the whole purpose of using dpkg.

 Are you really using dpkg to install them? I would suggest to use a
more highlevel tool like apt-get or aptitude or anything else...
Wasn't a problem to upgrade with aptitude here after the usual build
delay for i386.

 So long!

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