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Re: backports keyring

On 08/06/2009 11:10 AM, Paul E Condon wrote:
> I am a user of Debian, but concerning the operation of the Debian
> organization, I am very much an external observer.
> To an external observer, the relationship between backports.org and
> debian.org appears to be different from that of emdebian.org and
> debian.org. In particular, the keyring for emdebian.org is available
> for download from the debian.org repository, and your keyring is not.
> Why not? Who objects to your keyring being available there? And what
> is the nature of their reasoning? Is it your use of the plural, users,
> in your email address? ;-)
> Or have you simply neglected to put it there? If the latter, you
> should become more proactive, IMHO.


I'm not sure if anything was resolved by that discussion, however.

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