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Re: [RFS] backported JD package


 I'm not completely sure wether you are subscribed and don't want you to
miss my reply - so please forgive me for a double mail. :)

* Hideki Yamane <henrich@debian.or.jp> [2009-03-20 23:51:45 CET]:
>  I want to deal with #514022 in my package.
>  It reports immediately before Lenny release, so I cannot update package.

 Says who? Reading the bugreport the problem seems to be important
enough that it would warrant an update in stable. Depending on the other
changes that were done to the new upstream version it though might
require to extract this fix, or you could convince the release team that
it's a bug fix release that makes sense as a whole.

 I would really suggest to you to get in contact with the release team,
being able to log in seems to be a core feature of the jd package so I
would be quite surprised that it shouldn't be possible to get a fix for
that into the next lenny update. :)

 So long!

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