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Re: [RFS] backported JD package


I've just uploaded a jd backport from squeeze to bpo-lenny...

On Sonntag, 22. März 2009, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> >  I want to deal with #514022 in my package.
> >  It reports immediately before Lenny release, so I cannot update package.
>  Says who? Reading the bugreport the problem seems to be important
> enough that it would warrant an update in stable. Depending on the other
> changes that were done to the new upstream version it though might
> require to extract this fix, or you could convince the release team that
> it's a bug fix release that makes sense as a whole.

that's a new upstream version (with lots of changes), so this wont go into 
lenny. Hideki, is it possible to isolate the patch?

And if not, is jd with #514022 unfixed usuable at all in lenny? If not, it 
should rather be removed from lenny then.


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