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Re: [GENERAL] Debian packages for Postgres 8.2 - postgresql-server-dev-8.2

Markus Wanner wrote, On 07-10-08 11:31:

Joris Dobbelsteen wrote:
Thanks for your notice, I've fixed that in 8.2.10-1~bpo40+2. If you have
my repo [1] in your sources, an apt-get upgrade should do the trick.

Sorry, forgot the link to the repo: http://www.bluegap.ch/debian/

I already had it included.

Its good to get support on the issue!

However I got the impression that you need to push Packages.new to
Packages file (maybe that is supposed to happen automatically?). I don't
think I can blame my squid cache...

Oops, right.

I've recreated the repository, it does not include any more "*.new" files.

Conformed, it worked correctly (for me). I can now compile skytools into debian packages for postgresql 8.2 without a hitch!


- Joris

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