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Re: [GENERAL] Debian packages for Postgres 8.2 - postgresql-server-dev-8.2


Joris Dobbelsteen wrote:
> As I'm borrowing your debian packages, you provide on your server, I do
> have a slight question, though.
> As I'm currently trying to get skytools to compile on my postgresql 8.2
> box, I'm attempting to use postgresql-server-dev-8.2 package. It seems
> to be missing some files, comparing to similar -8.1 & -8.3 packages in
> the debian repositories. Is this possible to get fixed?

Thanks for your notice, I've fixed that in 8.2.10-1~bpo40+2. If you have
my repo [1] in your sources, an apt-get upgrade should do the trick.


Markus Wanner

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