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Re: kernel 2.6.22-4 (Waiting for root filesystem)

Thanks for your suggestions. It was my misconfigured initramfs.conf
that caused the error. The post-install script that made the initrd
image used that configuration and didn't put there the kernel module
for reiserfs as well as other useful stuff, which I discovered when
unpacked the image. To repair that it was enough to just put
MODULES=most into initramfs.conf and rerun update-initramfs. I wonder
whether it would be safer for the apt-get script that generates the
initrd image to use a fixed configuration rather than the local one
for update-initramfs.


On 22/05/2008, Mark Paulus <mark.paulus@verizonbusiness.com> wrote:
>  I've never had a problem with the changing hda<==>sda.  However,
>  I did experiment with putting jfs on a root partition, and the
>  2.6.22 wasn't doing a clean shutdown, so the partition was never
>  being marked as clean, thus forcing a fsck condition.  Since
>  jfs.fsck wasn't in the initrd, it would always fail.  My solution
>  was to change the root partition back to ext3.
>  A friend and I were chatting tho, and another solution might be
>  to add the reiserfstune to your initrd, so that it's available
>  at boot time.  You might be able to add some stuff by adding
>  it to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules, and then rerun
>  update-initramfs.  Not sure if this will work or help, but if
>  you try, I would be interested in your results.

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