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Re: The meaning of color signs in Backports packages.

* Luca Renaud <renaud.luca@gmail.com> [2008-04-20 21:17:28 CEST]:
> Several packages (if not all) in backports.org when we search them in
> http://packages.debian.org/ appear with
> the letters in red: backports(in red),is this a specific warning sign? Or
> just to remember that these packages
> do not have security updates treated as the packages in
> stable?Examples:gnash,gnu-fdisk etc.
> With gnash when we watch the list of backports for different
> architectures(amd64,i386,powerpc), we saw them in different colors: amd64
> yellow,i386 green,powerpc and others red,and it is more confusing.
> I am talking about the page http://packages.debian.org/gnash and
> http://packages.debian.org/etch-backports/gnash.

 The red [backports] means that it's not part of the official pool and
requires an additional sources.list entry (like security also does).
If is more than one line listed it means that the package isn't in sync
which you can also see on the latter page:

 Here the version in green means that that arch is in sync with latest
source upload, yellow means that it only laggs (some) Debian revision
update(s) behind and red means that it laggs (some) upstream version
update(s) behind.

 Hope that helps,

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