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Re: gnash0.8.2

* Pugliese <tony@ajpugliese.com> [2008-07-19 21:52:30 CEST]:
>   I noticed today the addition of gnash0.8.2 for i386 to the etch
> backports.  It was my understanding that there will be a powerpc
> gnash0.8.2 added also.  Is there an estimated date for the powerpc
> package?

 It won't happen before the Build-Depends of that upload gets fixed:

 There is no libcurl4-gnutls-dev in neither backports nor in etch,
making that package fail to build on any architecture. It makes me
wonder how the original package was able to build? Or is there an upload
for libcurl4-gnutls-dev pending for backports? I don't see curl anywhere
in bpo nor in bpo's NEW queue?

 Please clearify, Robert.

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