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Re: The meaning of color signs in Backports packages.

Luca Renaud yazmış:
> Several packages (if not all) in backports.org when we search them in
> http://packages.debian.org/ appear with
> the letters in red: backports(in red),is this a specific warning sign? Or
> just to remember that these packages
> do not have security updates treated as the packages in
> stable?Examples:gnash,gnu-fdisk etc.
> With gnash when we watch the list of backports for different
> architectures(amd64,i386,powerpc), we saw them in different colors: amd64
> yellow,i386 green,powerpc and others red,and it is more confusing.
I guess that red ones are old versions, and the yellow ones are same version but
old backport revision and yellow ones are newest.
> I am talking about the page http://packages.debian.org/gnash and
> http://packages.debian.org/etch-backports/gnash.

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