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Re: Problem on upload

Leo costela Antunes schrieb am Wednesday, den 02. April 2008:

> [please keep CC, I'm not subscribed]
> I had a net problem during an upload which left an incomplete file. I'm
> trying to delete it with a *.commands file, but seem to be bumping into
> some problem.
> Since I'm not receiving any error email (at least in the last 30
> minutes, in case they're lost in some mail queue somewhere), I assume
> it's possible my key hasn't been imported, even thought I'm pretty sure
> I did it in the past.
> Can someone please confirm that or tell me if there's some know mistake
> I might be making while cooking up the command file?

What about signing your command file? 

Your key is in the keyring: 
pub   1024D/7ADF9466 2001-12-20
uid                  Leonardo Antunes (costela) <leo@costela.net>
uid                  Leo Antunes <costela@gmail.com>
uid                  Leo Costela <costela@debian.org>
uid                  Leo Costela <costelaaa@ig.com.br>
uid                  [jpeg image of size 3560]
sub   1024g/3753AE56 2001-12-20


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