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Re: backports for bzr and bzr-svn

* Martin Steigerwald [Tue, 23 Oct 2007 12:26:35 +0200]:

> To Adeodato: You backported bzr before. Please decide yourself whether you 
> want to review my updated backports or provide updated backports yourselves. 
> I did not meant to take over your backports without your agreement. I just 
> wanted to have updated backports today, so I just did them.

As I told you in private (sorry, I didn't see this message when I
replied to your earlier mail), the packages build at the moment just
fine in etch without touching anything, so it's mostly easier for me to
build them, since there'd be nothing to review.

If backporting ever gets more complicated and I don't have the time, I
can mail you to see if you'd be interested.

BTW I *believe* that, according to backports.org policies, bzr-svn
should not be backported since the package from testing installs just
fine in stable once bzr is available.


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