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Re: Kernel 2.6.22 from backports fails to boot und Sun Balde 100

Bernd Zeimetz schrieb:
>> Exactly what I did, so it must be the wrong cable :-(
> have a look into the documentation, it's usually well documented in
> there. If the serial port is 25pin sub-d, labelled with A/B, it contains
> 2 serial ports in one connector. Adapters seem to be kinda expensive,
> but if you know how to solder it's not a big problem. But probably have
> a look into the hardware reference of the machine first :)
Documentation says it uses a straigt nullmodem cable (DB9 Female on the
Blade 100 itself)
Anyway I'm not going to waste time andy money playing around with cables
(and burning my fingers... again)

Maybe one of the 3 ethernet cards I've installed in it makes the kernel
I'll test that tomorrow.

Still I don't like the idea that it all worked perfectly well with sarge
and woody and etch is giving me a hard time

> Good luck,
> Bernd
greets and thanks Uwe who forgot most about sparcs over the years

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