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Re: Kernel 2.6.22 from backports fails to boot und Sun Balde 100

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Bernd Zeimetz schrieb:
> Uwe A. P. Würdinger wrote:
>> Bernd Zeimetz schrieb:
>>> Hi,
>>>> I'm pretty sure it will boot un your Ultra5
>>>> The Blade 100s seem to be very picky about the kernels it wants to
>>>> boot :-(
>>> Could you please boot with -p as option and post the output? I'll have a
>>> Blade 100 available in a few weeks, the plan was to run Debian on it...
>> Taht's acouple of scrrens of output and I can not convince the blade
>> to redirect it to the serial port
>> Any Idea how to preserve the output?
> in OBP:
> setenv input-device ttya
> setenv output-device ttya
> should redirect the output to the serial console. Make sure you have the
> right cable, Sun sometimes did weird things to serial ports.
> To set the output back to the monitor:
> setenv input-device screen
> setenv output-device screen
Exactly what I did, so it must be the wrong cable :-(

greets Uwe
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