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Re: Upgrading to etch.

Qua, 2007-04-11 às 18:32 +0200, Gálos András escreveu:
> Luis Matos wrote:
> > Putting etch in sources.list and removing backports always works.
> > 
> > (using dist-upgrade)
> Only for avoiding confusion, using a single dist-upgrade is not 
> recommended, the etch release notes says:
> Because of certain necessary package conflicts between sarge and etch, 
> running aptitude dist-upgrade directly will often remove large numbers 
> of packages that you will want to keep. We therefore recommend a 
> two-part upgrade process, first a minimal upgrade to overcome these 
> conflicts, then a full dist-upgrade.

yes, yes ... aptitude is the recommended for dist-upgrades since sarge's
release. For example, a good path is to upgrade kernel (+udev) reboot
and do the rest.

i am used to apt-get dist-upgrade.
> But see the complete release notes before upgrade:
> http://www.debian.org/releases/etch/releasenotes
> Regards,
> Andras Galos

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