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Re: Accepted wordpress 2.0.9-1~bpo.1 (source all)

Daniel Baumann schrieb am Donnerstag, den 05. April 2007:

> Alexander Wirt wrote:
> > since it was removed from etch due to ongoing security problems I'm thinking
> > about removing it from bpo too. 
> ctte voted to keep wordpress in etch, no need to remove it from bpo.
sad, this blog has more security bugs than features. 

But anyhow its not Jans job to provide security fixes, if there is one from
testing security, fine. If not the package can be removed or has to stay with
the bug. So beg the testing security team and not Jan. According to p.d.o
2.0.9-1 is the current version and that was what he uploaded, so everything
is fine. 

Who wants php gets php with all consequences. 


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