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Re: [php-maint] php5-mysql in backports.org linked against libmysqlclient14?

Jan Wagner wrote, On 12/1/07 8:18 PM:
> you are using mysql 5.x as server, right? Then you should insert the following 
> into your /etc/mysql/my.cnf
> [mysqld]
> old_passwords = true # inserted by debconf

Unfortunately, it is not my server. I have been given access to a
machine running Debian sarge on which to run client software, and use of
a database on another machine that is running mysql 4.1.11. I don't have
root access to the server machine, nor the rights to SET PASSWORD to old
style for my user name in the mysql.user table.

I guess I can ask the admin on the server to change the password of the
mysql user to old style, but then I would not have to use backports at
all. If it isn't possible to build php5 in a way that allows new style
passwords and still maintain stability, I guess that's my only option,
but it does seem that the point of backports is to allow newer things to
be run without having to upgrade the entire OS. Seamless access to newer
MySQL servers is one of the benefits I would expect of running a newer
version of the client.

Is it really better to build php5 with an old mysql client library than
to build apache with the newer one so that the packages are in sync and
there is no segfault problem? The web server and PHP are closely tied in
function anyway, so why not have one require the other? Or am I
misunderstanding the segfault problem?

 -- sidney

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