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Re: [php-maint] php5-mysql in backports.org linked against libmysqlclient14?

Jan Wagner wrote, On 9/1/07 8:33 PM:
> Okay .. it compiled successfull with libmysqlclient12-dev disabling mysqli. 
> Expect new packages in the near future on bpo.

I was installing this package from backports because I was given access
to a machine with Debian sarge to use as a client for a MySQL 4.1.11
server with a database and user already set up. Accessing that database
requires a MySQL client library version 4.1.1 or newer, or else it
produces the error message
 "Client does not support authentication protocol"
as documented in

I don't have ready control to change the password format on the server
to the old style so that it will work with a 4.0.x client.

I don't know how to solve the problem that this thread is addressing,
but the solution of linking against libmysqlclient12-dev reintroduces
one big reason for wanting to install php5-mysql in the first place.

Any ideas for a solution?

 Sidney Markowitz

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