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Re: NVidia drivers and 2.6.18...

On Sat, Nov 18, 2006 at 07:20:01AM -0500, Dale E. Martin wrote:
> I recently upgraded to linux-image-2.6.18-2-k7, version 2.6.18-5~bpo.1.
> The nvidia drivers prior to 9625 would not build for me, so I grabbed the
> 9625 version from experimental.  These compile again 2.6.18 just fine, but
> when I grabbed the source for nvidia-glx 9625 from experimental it refuses
> to install as it depends on xorg 7.0.

  Indeed, it seems the very latest nvidia drivers are targeted at X.org,
not XFree86.  There's a 9629 out now as the latest official release.

> Anyone worked through all of these issues?  Currently it sounds like I
> could downgrade kernels and then go back to older nvidia drivers, although
> I just saw that etch will be shipping with linux 2.6.18 so I'd rather not.

  To be honest at this stage, for a desktop system, I'd just switch to
Etch anyway.  It is sufficiently close to being the new stable that
you're very unlikely to get bitten by a bug.  And if you have any
servers it would be a good idea to try it out on a desktop anyway in
case of any gotchas with your setup.  It's what I've been doing the past
few weeks without problems.

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