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Re: Building openoffice.org on powerpc

Good luck!  I guess I can be added to the "failed miserably on ppc" list ...  But if you need some testing of the new backport I'll be glad to help.

Worked for me. Uploaded together with 2.0.3-1bpo1 i386's. /me wonders you didn't notice.

I just downloaded it and it works!  Thanks for the backport.

How could I have noticed?  I mean, I didn't see any messages in this list, maybe is there another way to follow platform specific builds ... (short of trying to apt-get update/install it every now and then :))

JVMDG215: Dump Handler has Processed Exception Signal 11.
Segmentation fault

Uuhm, you sure your JDK got recognized correctly? Because that afaik happens wwhen JITC_PROCESSOR_TYPE is not set correctly.
Which OOos configure script does...

I could look into that, but now that your build is available it's not necessary.  I'll use the backported binaries.

Friendly, Eduardo.

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