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if you want bleeding edge, search on apt-get.org (was: Re: etch or later?)


Op vr 16 jun 2006 om 07:23:30 +0200 schreef Sylvain Beucler:
> Again, we're the only distro that can't provide 2.0.2. I also wonder
> what makes it an exception.
> evince(!)
> I just realized that what I backported from sid (4.0) is already quite
> old:
>  * 0.4.0 released August 2005 (migrated to testing in september)
>  * 0.5.2 released 13 Mar 2006 (in ubuntu)
>  * 0.5.3 released 16 May 2006 (in mandriva)

Searching for evince at apt-get.org gives 3 hits:


The one at http://www.apt-get.org/list/?site=466 would give you 0.5.3.

As Micha Lenk said: you don't _have_ to use backports.org.  However, _I_
am happy with the "strict" policy backports advertised.  At least, you
know what you're getting :)



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