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Re: Evince backport proposal

Sylvain Beucler wrote:
> - "testing"'s goal is to automate some dependency consistency checks,
>   but that's irrelevant to bpo, because bpo is primarily about
>   altering those dependencies.
>   Dependency checks are manually performed by each backporter.

nope. packages which enter testing have, at least, the most ovious bugs
fixed, both regarding to debian/* and upstream. that is excately what we

> Sticking to testing already leads to contradicting effects:
> backports.org offers a buggy version of OpenOffice2 (2.0.1) from
> testing while there is a bug-fixed version (2.0.2) in unstable for
> months.

ooo2 is a special case in everything, including backports. i'm sure rene
will tell you more than one reason why he intentionally didn't upload a
newer ooo2 backport yet.

> In the particular case of evince, the difference (dependency fix) is
> so meaningless that it indeed doesn't matter, but I'd like to better
> understand this first.

apart from what i've already said above, one key point of backports.org
is to ensure the upgrade path from sarge-backports to testing. if
unstable backports were given, such a system would not be as easy to
uprade as it is with testing backports.

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