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Re: libpoppler backport

Frank Küster wrote:
> the backport of libpoppler creates a binary package libpoppler0c2.  IIRC
> the c2 suffix means that the package has been linked against the new
> libstdc++ which is ABI-incompatible to sarge's.  Shouldn't the packages
> be renamed to libpoppler0, libpoppler0-glib etc.?


If a library is not part of stable, the library packages names should
not be altered, so other backports don't need to have backport-specific
Build-Depends with respect to that very library.

The upgrade path from stable+backports to testing is not affected by this.

If a library was already part of stable, the library packages names
should be altered to match the stable ones *if* the soname didn't
change. Look at libextractor for an example :)

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