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Re: Kate Draven: Thanks fixed.

On Mon February 20 2006 07:03, Rodney Sumpter wrote:
> On Mon February 20 2006 00:43, Kate Draven wrote:
> > You mean I have a big mouth LOL!
> >
> > On Monday 20 February 2006 03:34 am, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> > > Kate Draven wrote:
> > > > It makes it easy for people to immediately see it came from me.
> > >
> > > People may say that the body of your mails speaks for itself, but
> > > thanks for the explanation :)
> Why didn't you do what Daniel asked and paste your repositories and pinning
> info so that we all might learn something? ...or, at least, mention what
> the trouble was. I realise that there is no particular reason for you to
> care if anyone else learns anything from your question but I read through
> these things so I can learn.
> I'm a little confused because it seems to me you hijacked someone else's
> question to ask yours in the first place but perhaps my GUI mail reader
> isn't handling threading correctly. Obviously from your comment about your
> name in the subject line you don't use a mail reader that shows a subject
> column.
> Rodney

Oops. That should have been Sender column not Subject.

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