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Kate Draven: Rodney's Questions

Not that I follow what you're saying or asking completely but ok.

> > Why didn't you do what Daniel asked and paste your repositories and
> > pinning info so that we all might learn something? ...or, at least,
> > mention what the trouble was. 
Not sure what you're asking. If I understand your question correctly, I didn't 
understand that Daniel was asking me to paste my info into the email. It 
didn't occur to me that may have been what he was asking. Plus it was 3 AM I 
wanted to go to sleep :).

> > I realise that there is no particular reason for you to care if anyone
>> else learns anything from your question but I read through these things so 
>> I can learn. 
I do care if people learn, I don't need a reason to. Its just the right thing 
to do. If you wanted to learn something you could have just joined in and 
asked. I would have welcomed it.

> > I'm a little confused because it seems to me you hijacked someone else's
> > question to ask yours in the first place 
I didn't hijack anyone's question.

> > but perhaps my GUI mail reader 
> > isn't handling threading correctly. Obviously from your comment about
> > your name in the subject line you don't use a mail reader that shows a
> > subject column.
I use kmail. Using my name and a colon allows people to use it as a tag to 
redirect it to another mailbox, account or directory within their email 
client. Plus it allows them to immediately see, its from me.

If you have anymore questions, you can email me directly at 


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