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Backport of HTML::Mason?

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a backport of libhtml-mason-perl. Unfortunaltly the
version in sarge doesn't work with apache2. I installed the backported
mod_perl2 which runs nicely but Mason still doesn't work. It seems like
it's due to a renaming of the namespace of the mod_perl2 API. The Mason
HQ page recommends upgrading to these versions:

libapreq2:    2.05
HTML::Mason   1.30 (libhtml-mason-perl)

Both are available in testing and unstable. I've no idea if that's
sufficient or if other packages are needed. Because I have very little
experience in building .deb packages and no expierence in building
backports I can't backport them myself. It would be great if one of you
could do the job!

Thanks for all the work done so far!

With best regards,

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