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Updated nagios-plugins(-basic) packages?


The actual bpo package of nagios-plugins-basic (nagios-plugins-basic  
1.4.2-4bpo1) is missing some plugins compared to the version in testing 
(1.4.2-6). Especialy the plugin check_nagios is interesting, cause its used 
by nagios2 (which I rebuild for my own for testing purpose).
Surely I can also rebuild nagios-plugins for my own, but I would love to hold 
my homebrew packages as low as possible. :) (As workaround I took the binary 
of the testing package.)

Maybe anybody would be lovely, rebuild the package and upload it. Shouldnt be 
so tricky, but I dont have enought packaging glue to match the requirements 
(which seems unpublished atm) of bpo todo it myself. :-/

Thanks! With kind regards, Jan.
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