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Re: Backporting Nagios2?

Hio Joerg!

Am 2006-02-18, tippselte Joerg Jaspert:

> On 10569 March 1977, Sven Velt wrote:
> >> Its not even one month in unstable, definitely not good to backport
> >> right now.
> > That's right, but there are some new and nice features... :-)
> Maybe. But thats still no good reason to hurry with a backport.
> If one is so version-addicted one should run unstable. Thats not what
> stable and backports is for.

I'll see your point but I think that's a little bit more complex than
"run unstable then" here. There are a lot of new interessting features
in Nagios 2.0 and I want to use them with a stable server.

Everyone who's using Nagios 2 at the moment (build manually from source
and espc. package version) *should* know that there might be problems.
It's (nearly) the same for other packages on backports.org, for
example all the KDE packages. YMMV ;-)



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