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Backports is better than Ubuntu because it fixes the right problem

By watching the behaviour of Distro developers, you
would think the day a distro version is released is
the day it dies. 
>From then onwards, only  the next version counts.

>From the viewpoint  of the user, the distro's life
starts on the day it is released.   
That is why there is such a big disconnect between
Distro developers and users.  
If a user wants the next version of package X, the
distro developers are generally not interested in
providing that.  They expect the user to:
1.) install the (at first) horribly unstable next
version of the distro, preferably supplying them with
encouragement and praises along the way.
2.) failing that, wait for the next version.

This is where Ubuntu seemed to come to the rescue - at
least its next version is never that far away.   

But Ubuntu is not solving the real problem directly,
which is the developers abandoning a distro on its
release day (apart from security updates).   

That is why I appreciated Backports so much - you are
fixing the right problem.

Thanks guys - especially Daniel Bauman for KDE 3.5,
and Martin Pitt for PostgreSql 8.1

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