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Re: Asterisk 1.2.1.dfsg-0bpo2 i386 Updates

* michael wrote:
> I've updated the Asterisk package to version 1.2.1.dfsg-0bpo2. This
> version fixes a rather annoying bug where the sound would be very
> jittery/choppy for certain codecs like iLBC in app_meetme
> conferencing.
> I've spent quite some time trying to track down this bug, it's been
> extremely annoying trying to host conferences when your two main
> upstream VoIP providers use iLBC, and it's very difficult to
> understand callers!  You can download the updated packages from:

Thanks! But... usually we don't patch the backported packages, instead 
forwarding such bugs to the maintainer(s) and wait for an updated 
package for unstable.

> http://mic.kyed.com/debian/asterisk_1.2.1.dfsg-0bpo2_i386.tar
> Or get them individually from:
> http://mic.kyed.com/debian/asterisk/
> libpri and zaptel are unchanged, and so their version number hasn't
> changed (1.2.1-0bpo1).
> As I'm not a Debian developer, I can't upload this to backports.org,
> so someone will need to do it for me.

The better way is to fix this bug in the package from unstable, that's
why I cc'ed the Debian VoIP Team
Thanks, Norbert

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