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Re: Backports of Asterisk 1.2.1 to sarge

On 12/28/05, Norbert Tretkowski <norbert@tretkowski.de> wrote:
> * michael wrote:
> > At the moment they've got my odd version numbering on them (for lack
> > of a proper HOWTO).
> The problem with your version number is, that it's greater than the
> versionnumber of the package in sid.
> Package in sid has 1:1.2.1.dfsg-1, so the correct version number for
> the backport is 1:1.2.1.dfsg-0bpo1.

Okay, that is now fixed.  The ones that were 1.2.1-1 are now
1.2.1-0bpo1 (the 1:1.2.1.dfsg-1 version number didn't apply to libpri
or zaptel)

> > Any pointers after this about submitting them?
> If you aren't a Debian developer, fix the version number and the
> distribution, upload the package somewhere and ping me again.

I'm not a Debian developer.  Everything is in a tar, including the
diffs.  The original source packages (*.orig.tar.gz) aren't included,
they're the same as the ones in Debian sid.  There's more bandwidth on
the Debian mirrors. :)

http://mic.kyed.com/debian/asterisk-packages_1.2.1.dfsg-0bpo1.tar (18MB)

I didn't bother making an apt repository this time, however the
individual packages are still there:



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