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Postfix backport

Hello All:

Can somebody help me in how to setup the backport of postfix. I have setup the preferences file with the postfix pin as follows, but always returns an error because of a failed dependency with lsb-base (postfix: Depends: lsb-base (>= 3.0-6) but 2.0-7 is to be installed)
  Package: *
Pin: release a=sarge-backports
Pin-Priority: 200
  Package: postfix
Pin: release a=sarge-backports
Pin-Priority: 999
Do I need to add another pin for lsb-base?, do I need to change any pin priority?

I can install postfix's backport with the command:

 apt-get -t sarge-backports install postfix

But I will like to have it setup with the preferences file....

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