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Re: Imap support in php5

* Gálos András wrote:
> I recently upgraded my php4 installation on my test server to php5
> from bpo, but it seems the available php5 package doesn't have imap
> support built in. There is a php4-imap package in Sarge's official
> php release, but no php5-imap package I could find on backports.org.
> Is that really missing or do I do something wrong?

The changelog from 5.0.4-1 says:

 - Enabled the pgsql extension, and disabled the imap extension (which
   will be moving to another source package and become the example
   package for out-of-tree builds).

And indeed, there's a php-imap source package available in unstable,
which provides a php4-imap and php5-imap package. I'm going to build
and upload a backport later today.


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