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Re: Bug#344929: Missing version on asciidoc build-dep

severity 344929 minor
severity 344935 minor

* Gerrit Pape wrote:
> Norbert Tretkowski wrote:
> > Package fails to build with asciidoc 6.0.3-1 (the one in sarge) with
> > the following message:
> > 
> > asciidoc -b docbook -d manpage -f asciidoc.conf git.txt
> > DEPRECATED: git.txt: line 582: title arguments: use attribute lists
> > xmlto man git.xml
> > xmlto: input does not validate (status 3)
> > 
> > Updating asciidoc to 7.0.2-4 fixes the issue.
> Hi Norbert, yes, ok. But why's that a bug? The git and cogito
> packages are for sid and etch, and both have at least version
> 7.0.2-4 of the asciidoc package.

Correct... I stumpled across this problem while I created git and
cogito packages for sarge (which are both available on backports.org

> A versioned dependency can cause inconvenience, so I only want to
> specify a version if really necessary.

What problems could a build-dep on asciidoc (>= 7.0) cause?

I CC'ed the backports.org mailinglist, this may be interesting for
other backporters too.


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