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Re: Packaging Aravis for debian-astro blend

Hi Chiara,

Chiara Marmo <chiara.marmo@u-psud.fr> writes:
> I'm still having the lintian warning
> W: aravis source: newer-standards-version 4.1.3 (current is 3.9.8)
> but that's normal, if I understand correctly, and due to the fact that
> I'm checking in debian9 a package for the next release, right?

Yes. That is no problem.

> Am I ready to be sponsored on aravis?

Almost :-)

The first line of the Description is the short description (libaravis-0.6-0).
The description itself should be a bit longer and self-contained.
Especially for the tools: one line is too short.

Then, I still get a few lintian problems:

E: aravis source: gobject-instrospection-package-missing-depends-on-gir-depends gir1.2-aravis-0.6
W: aravis source: typelib-missing-gir-depends gir1.2-aravis-0.6
W: gir1.2-aravis-0.6: gir-section-not-libdevel usr/share/gir-1.0/Aravis-0.6.gir introspection
W: gir1.2-aravis-0.6: gir-missing-typelib-dependency usr/share/gir-1.0/Aravis-0.6.gir gir1.2-aravis-0.6
W: aravis-tools: appstream-metadata-in-legacy-location usr/share/appdata/arv-viewer.appdata.xml
E: aravis-tools: appstream-metadata-legacy-format usr/share/appdata/arv-viewer.appdata.xml

I am not familar with gobject/typelib/appstream; this looks however not
too hard to fix.

Then, the sectio of libaravis-0.6-0 i are not correct; it should be

And the format URL in debian/copyright (1st line) should start with "https".

After this, I would upload. I have a few more hints which may help:

* It is a matter of taste, but in d/copyright you can merge the
  paragraphs with identical licenses (one paragraph for LGPL-2.1+,
  Expat, etc.). This would significantly reduce the complexity of
  d/copyright and make later maintenance easier. But it is up to you.

* You could send the manpage to upstream as pull request, since it may
  useful for other users as well.

* You should consider to switch to compat 11 (setting debian/compat to
  "11", and Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 11) in debian/control). Then
  you can remove dh-autoreconf from the Build-depends and "--with
  autoreconf" from debian/rules.

Best regards


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