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Re: Packaging Aravis for debian-astro blend

Hi Chiara,

Chiara Marmo <chiara.marmo@u-psud.fr> writes:
> slowly but moving on this....

Yea! Great!

> I think I need help on those ones:
> 1) aravis source: newer-standards-version 4.1.1 (current is 3.9.8)
>      I can't understand which version and of what we are talking about
> ... I know the problem is in debian/control, but why?

The Standards-Version entry in debian/control documents to which version
of the Debian policy the package is compatible. You have "4.1.1" in
d/control, but the "lintian" version that you use (on Debian Stretch,
right?) still knows 3.9.8 as the most current one. You could either
upgrade lintian to the unstable version -- this would also give you more
checks, or ignore this. BTW, the most current version is 4.1.3.

> 3-4-5-6) zero-byte-file-in-doc-directory usr/share/doc/libaravis-dev/changelog.gz
>      It's unclear to me how to avoid the changelog.gz creation (as it is empty)

You could put the following into debian/rules:

	dh_installchangelogs -XChangeLog

>> * You should also push the upstream and pristine-tar branches to alioth.
> Done, but I have a new question.... :)
> The author released a new version of the software 0.5.11: in order to
> update the repo I have to repeat the initial steps with the new tar?

> $ git checkout -b upstream

If the branch already exists, without "-b".

> $ tar xf ../aravis_0.5.11.orig.tar.gz --strip-components=1
> $ git add --all
> $ git commit -m "Updating upstream version 0.5" 
> $ git tag upstream/0.5.11
> $ pristine-tar commit ../aravis_0.5.11.orig.tar.gz

Yes, that is it basically. And finally:

$ git checkout master
$ git merge upstream -m "Merged upstream version 0.5"

There is a very nice tool "gbp", which automates these steps.

> I'm still working on the license inventory... :(

I agree that this is the most work-intense and annoying part...

Best regards


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