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Re: Request for NEAT packaging review

Hi Roger,
Roger Wesson <rw@nebulousresearch.org> writes:
> OK, I think everything is fixed - I'd removed all the old files from
> master when cleaning up my previous packaging attempt and had not
> readded them correctly.  The script is executable and I updated the
> Standards-Version number.  Hope that's all fine now.

The script is still not executable. Reason is that the package is
actually built from the sources in the tarball, not from the git.

The simplest way to fix this (without releasing a new version) is to add

	chmod a+x debian/neat/usr/share/neat/plot.sh

to debian/rules. 

One point that I forgot: you include a -DBUILDDATE=... in your
Makefile. While may help for debugging, it makes the build
unreproducible. See https://wiki.debian.org/ReproducibleBuilds for
Details. You could either remove this completely, or replace the build
date with the release date (taken f.e. from debian/changelog) if you
really need it. This is not a show-stopper (I will upload you package
independent of this), but please think about this for the next version.

Best regards


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