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Re: Request for NEAT packaging review

Having just released a new version upstream, I have also uploaded new
packaging files ready for review.  I made changes upstream to make
packaging easier and avoid patches - examples are now installed to the
correct directory.


On 15/04/16 16:33, Ole Streicher wrote:
> Hi Roger,
> Roger Wesson <rw@nebulousresearch.org> writes:
>> Thanks for the review!  I have uploaded new files, in which I have
>> updated the copyright and control files, renamed the .orig tar file,
>> removed the empty docs file, and changed the makefile to allow
>> propagation of FFLAGS and LDFLAGS.
> You should not change the upstream sources directly, since the package
> is built with the original tarball as a base. If you need to do changes
> there, you should create patches which are located in
> debian/patches. They are automatically applied in the build process.
> See the New Maintainers Guide:
> https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/modify.html
> Or my packaging tutorial:
> https://wiki.debian.org/DebianAstro/AstropyPackagingTutorial/Packaging#debian.2Fpatches
> The same applies to "some upstream changes".
> Since you are upstream yourself, you could, however, also release a new
> version with the changes.
>> I prefer to retain the O3 flag in the makefile, if possible, as there
>> is a significant performance gain compared to O2.
> OK.
>> The example files should have been set to install in the first version
>> I uploaded - maybe I missed something?
> The examples should go to usr/share/doc/neat/examples/, not
> usr/share/neat/example/.
> Best regards
> Ole
>> Thanks for any further comments!
>> Roger
>> On 13/04/16 07:55, Ole Streicher wrote:
>>> Hi Roger,
>>> thank you for preparing the package. I have a few comments:
>>> * debian/copyright: Document the copyright of all files, not just the
>>>   debian ones.
>>> * debian/control:
>>>   - The section should be "science", not "misc".
>>>   - Could you provide a little longer description?
>>> * the .orig file in the "pristine-tar" branch should be called
>>>   neat_1.9.orig.tar.gz, not neat_1.90.orig.tar.gz
>>> * Propagate FFLAGS and LDFLAGS, and enable debug symbols. They are
>>>   stripped afterwards from the package, but will go into a separate
>>>   package to enable debugging if needed. Also, the optimization should
>>>   be set by the Debian FFLAGS unless there is a special reason not to do
>>>   so.
>>> * Since you provide example wit the sources, please install them.
>>> * Remove the empty file debian/docs.
>>> Best regards
>>> Ole
>>> Roger Wesson <rw@nebulousresearch.org> writes:
>>>> I have uploaded my package of NEAT (Nebular Empirical Analysis Tool) to
>>>> http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debian-astro/packages/neat.git/
>>>> It's ready to be reviewed.  Thanks in advance for all comments and
>>>> corrections!

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