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Re: RFC: casacore-2.1.0-1 debian package

Hi Benda,

Benda Xu <heroxbd@gentoo.org> writes:
> Done. [...]

Thank you to fix these issues so quickly :-)

So, here is my second part of the review:


* cmake/* has many different licenses and copyright holders, not
  mentioned in debian/copyright yet, f.e.
   FindCFITSIO.cmake: GPL-3, (c) 2009 ASTRON
   FindBISON.cmake: BSD, (c) 2006, 2009 Kitware Inc, Tristan Carel
   FindNUMPY.cmake: MIT, (c) 2012 Continuum Analytics, Inc.
  and others

* "National Astronomical Observatory of Japan" is missing as copyright
  holder for some files (first LGPL-2+ paragraph)

* Some files are not LGPL-2+, but GPL-2+, f.e.
  fits/apps/fits2table/fits2table.cc or fits/FITS/test/tfits2.cc
  please check this carefully.

* mirlib/* is a bit unclear for me. Can you confirm that they are

* some files in d/copyright do not exist anymore (lintian -I)
  images/Images/ImageReorderer.h, install/codedevl/glish-mode.el


* replace VCS-Git: with (lintian -I)

* python --> Python in description (lintian -I)

Longer-term wishes

These are not needed for the initial upload. It would be however good to
keep them on the To-Do-List. Both also come from running `lintian -E -I`:

* discuss with upstream that a shared lib should not call
  exit(). Calling exit() in the library makes it impossible to handle
  the error in the calling program.

* Create symbols files for the shared libraries. This would allow for
  dependent package to automatically determine the minimal required
  version of the package.

I think the only real issue now is to fix debian/copyright. Could you
re-check it again carefully? The ftp-masters do this quite carefully
(you know already :-) ) and we would have another delay if they reject
the package. If you are ready, I will upload.

Best regards


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