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Re: Fwd: Bug#764549: ITP: siril -- Astronomical image processing tool

Vincent Hourdin <debian-siril@free-astro.vinvin.tf> writes:
> What would you suggest we do for packages updates about the version
> numbers for fixes to the beta that don't make it stable yet? Should it
> be 0.9.0~beta-2 or 0.9.0~beta~2 or 0.9.0~beta~svn666 or even 0.9.0~rc1 ?

I'd recommend 0.9.0~beta2 or 0.9.0~rc1, depending on whether it is a
release candidate or not.

> Are we free to modify the data stored on the git now that it's been
> uploaded to debian? Is it like, I still make some changes in the debian
> and upstream branches of the git and I tell you when we need to upload a
> new version into debian?

Exactly. Just send a mail when it shall be uploaded.

Best regards


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