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Re: Taking over the packaging

Dear Benda,

heroxbd@gentoo.org writes:
> Ole Streicher <debian@liska.ath.cx> writes:
>> it is nice to hear that you are going to take over the Casacore
>> packaging!

I just forgit to mention: Since you want to package casacore, could you
"officially" announce this? For this, you should rename the bug name of
#686924 so that it starts with "ITP" ("Intend To Package"), and put
yourself as the bug owner.

>> Did you know that, since a few months, we have a Debian Astronomy
>> Working group? I'll forward this mail to our mailing list [1], and I
>> would encourage you to join this group as well [2]. If you already have
>> something for review, it would also be nice to post it there. I still
>> can't sponsor the package myself, but I can help finding a sponsor then
>> (if you are not a Debian Developer yourself).
> Great, I've subscribed the MLs and joined the project on alioth.

I've already approved you :-)
It would be nice to put casacore under the umbrella of Debian-Astro.
This would mainly mean that you should move the repository (back) to the
Alioth server. This would make it easier for all of us to review and
contribute (if needed). Also, the maintainer should then be
Debian Astronomy Maintainers <debian-astro-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org>

Best regards


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