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Re: Taking over the packaging

Dear Ole,

Ole Streicher <debian@liska.ath.cx> writes:

> it is nice to hear that you are going to take over the Casacore
> packaging! I gave it up since I don't have enough manpower and
> concentrated on other astronomy packages. Since then, however, there was
> an interest of Gijs Molenaar <gijs@pythonic.nl>, who wanted to package
> casacore for the use in LOFAR. It would be good if you could contact him
> to join efforts, and to make sure that the package will fullfill his
> requirements as well.

Cool, I'll contact him directly.

> Did you know that, since a few months, we have a Debian Astronomy
> Working group? I'll forward this mail to our mailing list [1], and I
> would encourage you to join this group as well [2]. If you already have
> something for review, it would also be nice to post it there. I still
> can't sponsor the package myself, but I can help finding a sponsor then
> (if you are not a Debian Developer yourself).

Great, I've subscribed the MLs and joined the project on alioth.

> Since you are going to develop a customized Debian version for use in
> Astronomy: One of our aims the the development of a "Debian Astronomy
> Blend", which is exactly what you are planning as well [3]. So, also
> here it would be good if you could "come over", since up to now nobody
> had time to work on that.

Yeah, these are overlapping projects at this stage of development. I'd
like to join.

The making of a debian blend distributable virtual machine image shares
advancements with generation of cloud rootfs'. We could benefit from the
cooperation with the openstack cloud team.


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