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Re: healpix-cxx: please upload 3.11.2-6, disables OpenMP on kfreebsd-i386 and closes #740889

Hi Leo,

many thanks for your quick response.

On Fri, May 16, 2014 at 01:21:35PM -0700, Leo Singer wrote:
> >  http://blends.debian.org/science/tasks/
> Hi Andreas,
> It's been a pleasure, due to the support from the upstream developers and from Steffen.

Shame on Steffen that he missed to direct you to Debian Astro team (list
in CC). ;-)  Honestly, while it is fine to discuss here on general Debian
Science list you are probably well advised to join Debian Astro as well.
It is a young and inspiring team.
> The libchealpix-dev, libhealipx-cxx-dev, and python-healpy packages should go in Astronomy-dev. python-healpy could conceivably also go in Astronomy, because it is useful for interactive use in Python interpreter.

I translated this into:

$ git diff
diff --git a/tasks/astronomy b/tasks/astronomy
index 1c8d010..51b1a80 100644
--- a/tasks/astronomy
+++ b/tasks/astronomy
@@ -178,3 +178,5 @@ Remark: Removed from Debian
  Reasons are given here: http://bugs.debian.org/460795
 Depends: audela
+Suggests: python-healpy
diff --git a/tasks/astronomy-dev b/tasks/astronomy-dev
index 00e4c31..b3f4dd1 100644
--- a/tasks/astronomy-dev
+++ b/tasks/astronomy-dev
@@ -29,4 +29,4 @@ Depends: libivoafits-java
 Depends: tcl-fitstcl
-Depends: libchealpix-dev
+Depends: libchealpix-dev, libhealipx-cxx-dev, python-healpy

In about 20min the tasks pages should be updated.

> > Please make a suggestion which one might fit best according to your
> > insigth.  I'm volunteering to inject the package name right into the
> > tasks file and you can than profit from the Sponsering of Blends effort:
> > 
> >  https://wiki.debian.org/DebianPureBlends/SoB
> That sounds good, but I didn't quite follow from the Wiki page what Sponsoring of Blends means. Could you please explain?

Well, Debian Science is a Debian Pure Blend (see link to Blends
documentation on the Wiki page) and I trade the spare time I need for
sponsoring packages for people who should try to become comfortable with
the Blends concept.  If you have more detailed questions about the
concept which are not yet answered on the Wiki pages and the links
feel free to keep on asking.

Kind regards



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