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Re: vldm on armhf?

Jeffrey Walton dixit:

>If I recall correctly... Debian now uses ARMv7 for a default, which
>enables NEON in the compiler. Automatically enabling NEON based on
>ARMv7 is a GCC 11 change.

Hmmh. But armhf used ARMv7 by default before, too, if I’m not mistaken.

>(I thought Debian's armel went away recently).

Nope, still very much active and listed as release architecture even.
(And even if not, debian-ports do exist, and we want to support as many
as possible.)

I’m not an ARM programmer though. The port was done by multiple others
and IIRC even slightly diverges from what upstream currently has, as
we collected bugfixes in Debian which upstream ignored. So the specific
details of which subarchitectures have which instructions are a bit
beyond my paygrade (I do know about the differences between arm, armeb,
armel, armhf-raspian, armhf-everyoneelse and arm64 though, just on a
somewhat higher level).

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